A Bold New Way to Decaf
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Our unique, novel technology allows you to remove caffeine from any of your favorite beverages with one product, the  Decaf Pouch.


Just put the pouch into your cup, wait a few minutes, and voilà! Your decaf beverage is ready.

Within the teabag, there are small beads that act as magnets that will attract and bind with caffeine through a physical process called adsorption. The Decaf Pouch will work with any kind of coffee and the beads inside are made from natural ingredients and can be composted after use, thus making it a more versatile, green, and simple decaf solution.

Reinventing decaffeination with one little pouch

Easy to Use  


Already Brewed 

During Brewed 


Retains good flavor and aroma
Works on hot and cold drinks 


Natural ingredients
 Biodegradable and compostable


Removes caffeine from any drink
Just put in, ready in minutes


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