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Decafino Technology

A Bold New Way to Decaf

Decafino Technology

Unique, patented technology allows you to remove caffeine directly from your favorite beverages. The Decafino beads act as magnets that will attract and bind with caffeine through a physical process called adsorption.


These beads are made from food-grade seaweed extract and natural mineral, and can be composted after use, making it a more versatile, green, and simple decaf solution.

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Decaf Pouch Caffeine Filter

The Decaf Pouch Caffeine Filter takes the form of a teabag, making it easy to carry and simple to use anywhere at any time. When applied to coffee or other caffeinated beverages, it can remove up to 80% caffeine in just a few minutes, while preserving your favorite flavors!


The teabag mesh material is made from plant-based PLA (polylactic acid), which is compostable and more sustainable.


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The Decafino beads selectively adsorb caffeine molecules, leaving other compounds behind, which retain desirable flavor and aroma. Compatible with any caffeinated beverages, works great with coffee and tea. 



The Decafino beads are made from food-grade seaweed extract called alginate and natural mineral called bentonite through sustainable manufacturing methods to minimize carbon footprints. The Decafino beads are biodegradable and compostable. 



The Decafino beads are easy to use, they will remove caffeine in a matter of minutes in both hot and cold beverages. The Decaf Pouch makes it easy to carry and simple to use anywhere at any time.


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