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The Struggles of a Decaf Drinker

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Just imagine, you’re a decaf drinker. Perhaps it is because you feel too jittery when you drink caffeine but really love the taste of coffee, or perhaps it is late afternoon and you don’t want to mess with your night’s sleep.

Perhaps you actually are a decaf drinker; but if you’re not; just imagine.

If you drink decaf coffee - always or sometimes - you know the problem: you love the taste of coffee, but getting that decaf cup to taste the way you like it is just… difficult. Why is that? Does it really have to be that way?

Supply and demand

One of the reasons is quite simple: there are fewer decaf drinkers than“caf” drinkers. Most people that like the taste of coffee, also like the little kick it gives. So with less demand, there are unfortunately fewer varieties available for you, the decaf drinker.

While coffee comes in a large range of different types, beans, roasts, flavors; the options for decaf coffee are quite basic. In your coffee shop, you might only have one type to “choose” from rather than the 5 different roasts and custom flavorings. In your supermarket, different brands typically only supply one decaf variety, which still severely limits your choice.

Destroying the bean

The other reason there are limited options for decaf is the decaffeination process itself. As we outlined in our previous posts, the decaffeination process changes the quality of the bean. In addition to removing the caffeine, some of the flavors are removed as well. Moreover, the most common methods of decaffeination use chemicals that are harsh to the bean.

As a result of decaffeination, you change the bean significantly and that changes the final taste of your bean. That’s why decaf coffee always tastes a bit - well - decaf.

Another consequence of the damage inflicted on the coffee bean during decaffeination is that it typically isn’t possible to perform lighter roasts. You can only get medium and darker decaf roasts, again limiting your choices.

Is there another way?

What if you - the self-proclaimed decaf coffee snob - would like to have the same range of choices and flavors that a “normal” coffee snob has? We’ve got you covered here at Decafino! With post-brew decaffeination, using the Decaf Pouch, you can pick whichever caffeinated coffee variety that pleases you, and makes it decaf on the fly!


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Caffeine content in coffee depends on may factors, and a regular 8 oz cup of coffee contains about 91mg of caffeine. The Decaf Pouch can effectively remove up to 200mg of caffeine just by simply dunking it in the cup of coffee for 3-4 minutes. The pouch continuously extracts caffeine from the coffee, the longer the Decaf Pouch is left in the coffee, the more caffeine it removes. Final caffeine content still depends on the type of coffee and the brewing method.


Jacob Heater
Jacob Heater
Sep 20, 2019

How much caffeine is left typically in an 8 oz cup after decaffeination? Will it be at the threshold of average decaf store varieties?

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