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Our favorite tiramisu recipe. Happy holidays!

The holidays are near. You might have been invited to a company potluck, or trying to figure out the holiday menu for your friends and family when they come over. We might be slightly biased - we love coffee here at Decafino - but we would suggest you make tiramisu! Here’s our favorite recipe for success!

What you will need for tiramisu that will satisfy about 8 people*:

7 oz. (200 gr) Lady Fingers. You’ll need about 40-45 cookies.

4 eggs separated into egg whites and yolks.

3.5 oz or ½ cup (100 gr) powdered sugar

2 cups of strong coffee or espresso. You can use regular or decaf, let it cool before you use it.

optional: 2 shot glasses of a liquor of your choosing, our favorite is Amaretto, but you can use rum or coffee liqueur just as easily. Tiramisu literally means “pick me up,” so we’re adding a little pick-me-up!

8 oz (500 gr) Mascarpone

Cacao (for decoration)

Getting the ingredients ready before starting is key to a good tiramisu! *

What to do

Before you get started with any mixing, make the coffee. You’ll want it to cool down before using it for the recipe. You can make some very strong drip coffee, or freshly brewed espresso. We want it to be strong (in terms of the coffee taste), but it does not have to have caffeine! You can use your favorite decaf coffee, or decaffeinate post-brewing with the Decaf pouch, just as easily and it will taste just as great!

Decaffeinating three shots of espresso with the Decaf Pouch!

Then, you’ll want to whip the egg whites so they are stiff and hold peaks. You’re all ready to start making tiramisu!

Whip the eggs

Mix the yolks with the sugar. You can use your mixer for this step. When the mixture looks nice and creamy, add in the mascarpone.

Mix the egg yolks and the powdered sugar (not shown: mixing in the mascarpone)

Swap your mixer for a wooden spoon or spatula to fold in the egg whites. We say fold, because you don’t want to be too rigorous, that will cause the egg whites to collapse and your tiramisu to become runny! Rather, use the spoon to fold the egg whites and the mixture. This mixture will be one of the two layers of your tiramisu. The other is the ladyfingers!

The trick is to fold in the egg whites as to not break down the structure

Layer them up!

Start your first layer of tiramisu with a layer of Ladyfingers. Pour your coffee, mixed with the two shots of Amaretto (or other liquor, or you can leave this out) in a deep plate. You’d want your plate to be easy to dunk the Ladyfingers into. The trick to a good, sturdy, tiramisu is not to soak the cookies, but to briefly dunk them into the coffee. A trick is to do a dunk - turn - dunk: dunk the Ladyfinger, take it back out, turn it around and dunk again. Do this to create a full layer of yummy ladyfingers.

Dunking time

For the next layer, add some of your mascarpone mixture as the next layer and spread it out until smooth. Repeat these two layers until you run out of ingredients!

Layer them up!

Put your tiramisu into the fridge. If you have enough time, let it stiffen up overnight, or at least for a few hours. Before serving, coat the top with some cacao powder. And that’s it!

Buon Appetito!

Yum yum yum~

* Pictures show the half of the described recipe.

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